•         Welcome to the John Barclay Elementary Counselor and School Psychologist Site
    Elizabeth Meier
    School Counselor
    Email:  emeier@cbsd.org 
    Lori Lennon
    School Psychologist
    The Barclay Guidance office provides a wide range of services to the school community.  We are committed to providing opportunities to all students to help them become resilient life long learners.  
    School Counselors work with students individually, in small groups and in the classrooms. We also strive to foster effective communication between home and school during your child's years at Barclay.
    School Psychologists are educational leaders who provide comprehensive services including but not limited to psychoeducational evaluations/re-evaluations, functional behavior assessments, consultation with teachers and administrators, leadership on school-based problem-solving teams, counseling, assistance with school/district crisis teams.
                          Barclay Building Blocks                  
     Our core values at Barclay are exemplified by the 
    Barclay Building Blocks.  They are the center of who we are and how we treat each other every day.  They are: 
    POSITIVITY              RESPECT        INTEGRITY 
    DETERMINATION                EMPATHY
    There is a longstanding tradition of service learning at Barclay.  Every student will have an opportunity to participate throughout the year. 
    Our motto is:
    We help our school
    We help our community
    We help our world