• Jamison's History:

    On Tuesday, September 2, 1997, 725 elementary school students were welcomed to their new building: Jamison Elementary School. Wearing brand-new, charter member tee shirts, students exited their busses with anticipation and excitement. After all, it was everyone’s first day at Jamison! The Central Bucks East high school band helped to welcome students, volunteers and staff. It was truly a momentous day, which made headlines in local newspapers.

    “Our first day was as close to a flawless day as you can get,” remarked our school principal, Patrice Pladsen. Those who worked “behind the scenes”, busily preparing our opening day, will always be remembered for their hard work, dedication and enthusiasm. Parents from Warwick, Titus, and Kutz elementary schools joined together to form a community of Jamison parents. Together, they helped assemble furniture, shelve library books, and deliver supplies to classrooms. Similarly, teachers dedicated time to prepare their classrooms, as they eagerly awaited the arrival of their new classes.

    After a successful two months of school, the community officially dedicated Jamison on Friday, October 24th. Dedication week consisted of many exciting, student-centered activities including a tree planting ceremony and a ribbon cutting assembly. The hallways were decorated with special banners made by each class depicting various themes like respect, cooperation, and friendship. The week’s culminating activity determined Jamison’s school mascot, a jet, and colors, teal and black. After the students’ votes were tallied, members of the faculty, dressed in the running colors, raced around the gym while the school eagerly anticipated winners. It was a week the charter members of Jamison Elementary will always remember.