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    Dear Parents,

    Jamison Elementary School prides itself on being dedicated to the whole child where academic and emotional / social growth is stressed. Jamison’s mottos; “Nothing Less than Your Best!” (2012-2013) “You don’t have to…you get to!” (2013-2014) P.O.W.E.R (Passion, Ownership, Enthusiasm, Excellence, and Wellness) (2014-2015) ONE (2015-2016) Do It Anyway! (2016-2017) Be Uncommon (2017-2018) We Can (2018-2019) If Not Me, Then Who... (2019-2020) Be The Good (2020-2021) and The Leader In Me (2021-2022) are exemplified by staff and students. Acknowledging positive student behavior is at the cornerstone of a positive school environment. Several ways that students are acknowledged are:

    JET Lunches:

    Once a month, Mr. Croyle will eat lunch with one child per classroom / per grade level. They eat in the cafeteria in a selected “fancy” area where the students and Mr. Croyle spend some quality time together.

    Boomerang Nominees:

    Students, Staff, and Community members nominate a student for a monthly given asset. Students that receive a nomination receive a certificate at our monthly assembly. Our school-wide winner receives a certificate and a Jamison Jet T-Shirt.

    We Salute You Award:

    This is a monthly award given to a student that a staff member feels exemplifies our school mottos. This award is given to a student that goes out of his/her way to help a friend, is a great classmate or gives 110% in everything that he/she does. The selected student receives a certificate at our monthly assembly as well as a Jamison Jet T-Shirt.

    JET Tickets:

    When students are “caught being good” by a staff member, the student is given a JET ticket. The student must write his/her name on the ticket and circle the appropriate character trait (Respect / Responsibility / Safe Community / Sportsmanship). Students place the JET tickets in the ticket box located outside of the main office. Students are randomly drawn at our monthly assembly and are given a Jamison Jet T-Shirt.

    Honorary Jets:

    Each month, someone in our JET community will be recognized for all that he/she does to serve the Jamison community.


    PSSA assessments are used by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to measure student achievement in all public schools across the state.  Jamison continues to score well compared to the state averages. The results of the PSSA tests are summarized and reported in order to meet the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

    While these tests are an important indicator of student performance, they do not tell the entire story about our students.  Test scores are only one indication of the performance of our students.  If one were to visit Jamison classrooms he/she would be impressed with the students as learners.  As I reflect on the daily performance of our students, a few key “Points of Pride” come to mind: 

    Students who love to read and write 

    Reading resources (Lead 21 and Good Habits Great Readers) will continue to challenge the students to develop stronger comprehension and thinking skills. One would see small group instruction happening in the classrooms to try to meet the individual needs of our learners.

    Additionally, an emphasis on independent reading and read alouds are at the center of reading instruction as teachers continually try to motivate and engage students in reading. Statistical evidence proves a positive correlation between the time a student reads on a daily basis and academic success.

    The writing program begins in kindergarten with students maintaining writing journals.  In addition to writing to a prompt, the students develop personal journals, reflections of their reading, and stories which they learn to write in their “own voice”.   The hands-on science program and Social Studies Alive promotes students to learn about their environment and the world.

    Students who are strong in technology and in presentation skills 

    Each year the students use the computer to help them research, write, and deliver a presentation to their peers.  This begins in kindergarten and becomes more sophisticated each school year.  Every sixth grade student is capable of researching, writing, and presenting information on a topic in which they use PowerPoint and the Smart Board. 

    Utilizing the school’s presentation stations, laptops, and IPad carts, a wide variety of technology is implemented into classroom instruction. Jamison continues to keep students engaged in their learning in a variety of ways from podcasting, creating videos, and utilizing interactive websites within classroom instruction.

    The Jamison Today Show allows our students to become the voice of our school. Students team up to run our daily, morning announcements. Our news reporters keep the entire school informed. They promote and advertise everything from Home and School functions to the interesting things students are doing in each grade level. Our Jamison Today Show team is trained in using cutting-edge, video technology, and we introduce and integrate that technology into our classrooms. 

    Students who care about others by working in many capacities to contribute to our society

    Make a Difference Kids work hard to make a positive impact in their school and community. They are driven by a genuine desire to help others and give back. These volunteers work together to identify areas of need and problem solve to find ways to help. They are involved in a variety of projects that will benefit children who are victims of abuse as well as those with life-threatening illnesses, senior citizens, and members of our Armed Forces. Their enthusiasm is inspiring other students as well as staff members to come together and give nothing less than their best in order to make a difference in the world around them.

    Teachers’ thoughts about why they love the school in which they teach…

    ·         We care about Kids

    ·         Collaboration

    ·         Staff Communication Meetings

    ·         Flexibility

    ·         Make A Difference Program

    ·         Dedication

    ·         High expectations

    ·         The kids!

    ·         GRUBS ecology

    ·         Jamison Today Show (Morning Announcements)

    ·         JET Assemblies

    ·         Opportunities for students outside the classroom

    ·         Positive attitude

    ·         Office staff

    ·         Good parental support

    ·         Reading program

    ·         Great support staff

    ·         Student-Centered approach

    ·         School spirit

    ·         The artwork in the hallways

    ·         Outside grounds are well taken care of

    ·         Safe environment

    ·         Acceptance of all…

    ·         Sense of community

    ·         Cleanliness of building

    I would like to thank the parents and the Central Bucks community for providing support to Jamison Elementary School.