My name is Matt Croyle and I’m the building Principal at Jamison Elementary.  While other educators might write about school-wide statistics, state test scores, and possibly their view on “hot topics”, I want you to know something else about me:


    My family is the center of my priorities.  I’m very fortunate to have a wife and four healthy children.  My interactions with them in our home, sports fields, weekend visits, and within our community keep my priorities balanced and help shape me as an educator, principal, and role-model.


    While I do love spending time with my family, I also love what I do!  Being the Principal of Jamison is such an honor.  I thoroughly enjoy working with the staff and community, however; nothing brings me more pleasure in the school setting than interacting with the students.  Simply put, Jamison students are phenomenal!


    During my years of educational experience I’ve found one thing to be certainly true.  When you treat children fairly, respectfully, and make attempts to get to know them personally, children will generally appreciate you and develop a sense of pride in their school.  I’m very proud of the relationships I’ve developed with the student body and the culture and climate that exists at Jamsion.


    When visiting Jamison, please feel free to introduce yourself to me.




    -Mr. Croyle