Census Verification Form

  • Census Verification Forms must be completed each school year.

    You can access the census form on Parent Portal. Please review it, make the necessary changes/corrections, and continue to the next page. When you get to the page where it does not have a next button, you can save/submit the form. It will then be available for my review.

    Please include updates about illnesses, medical conditions, and/or medications so we can update the child's school health record accordingly.

    Completion of the census verification form is necessary in order for the school nurse to have consent to medicate any child with over the counter medication such as Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen, as well as treat the child in the event of an emergency.

    If you are having difficulty accessing the form, please notify the school nurse as soon as possible. A paper copy can be sent home if needed.

    We appreciate your cooperation and compliance with this task - thank you!


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