Attendance Policies

  • Absence from School:

    • Parent/guardian must notify Unami Attendance of a student’s absence with a phone call to 267-893-3420 or an email to
    • Students may not attend and/or participate in extracurricular school activities on days on which they are absent, whether excused or unexcused.
    • If at any time during the school year a student has been absent 10% or more of school days, s/he is considered to have “excessive absences.” Notices will be sent home. Upon the third notice, the student and/or parent may be cited for truancy.

    Auto Caller:

    If a student misses one or more classes in a school day, the Unami Attendance Auto Caller will contact parents/guardians by phone for confirmation. Calls begin at 6:00 p.m.

    Lateness to School:

    • Every student MUST sign in at the Main Office when s/he arrives to school and turn in a WRITTEN NOTE to the main office.
    • Students who accumulate 3 unexcused lateness will receive a detention.


    • If an appointment must be scheduled during the school day, parent/guardian must send a written note to the desk outside the main office on the day of the appointment.  Students should bring the note to the office before first period to receive an early dismissal pass.
    • In the event of an unexpected appointment or emergency pick-up, parents/guardians should call the main office at 267-893-3400 (press 0) so we have time to locate your student.  Parent/guardian will still need to report to the main office to provide a WRITTEN NOTE before the student may leave the building.
    • Students who provided the office with a note will be waiting inside the main entrance for parent pick-up.
    Vacations/Family Trips& other Planned Absences:

    1.   Two weeks before a planned absence, student should pick up a "Request for Approved Absence" form and a teacher sign-off sheet in the Main Office.

    2.   Parent/guardian should fill out the form and have student return it to the Main Office as soon as possible.

    3.   One week before planned absence, student must have each teacher sign the “teacher sign-off sheet” to ensure that plans are made for student to keep current on class assignments while out of school.

    4.   Students are only permitted 5 vacation days per school year. Subsequent days will be marked as unlawful or unexcused.



    Missed Work:

    1.   Students are responsible for making up all work missed as a result of absences. If students will be out for an extended amount of time, parent/guardian should call the student’s guidance counselor.

    2.   A student is allowed the same number of days to make-up work as the number of days s/he missed for excused absences. Students are obligated to discuss and arrange plans for make-up work within that time.

    3.   Students may not be able to make up work for absences or lateness that are unexcused, unlawful, or truant.  


    Requesting Missed Work:

    In the event of an unplanned absence due to illness, parents may request missed work by calling the attendance line 267-893-3420 prior to 9:30 a.m. on the third consecutive school day of absence and leaving a message asking for missed work.  Due to time constraints, work cannot be ready for sibling/friend pick up on the day of request.  Parents may pick up gathered work from the main office between 3:00 and 3:55 p.m.

    Most student work is on Canvas, students should check there before the third day or before requesting work from the office.

    In the event of a student vacation, the student is responsible for having the appropriate sheet signed to notify teachers that work will need to be gathered.  The office will not gather work for a student missing school due to travel.


    Excused Absence (E) is granted for the following reasons: illness, quarantine, death in the family,religious holidays, health care, exceptionally urgent reasons, and family trips.

    Unlawful Absence (X) or Truant (TR) may be declared for reasons such as employment, truancy, car trouble, parental neglect, oversleeping, missing the bus, shopping, babysitting, visiting relatives, hunting, fishing, working at home, vacation trips exceeding 5 days, unauthorized leaving from school, and remaining at home to do school work. In situations where absence is declared unlawful or truant,students may be assigned to make up time missed outside regular school hours.Students may not be permitted to make up work for an unexcused absence.
    Consequences for Unlawful Absences:

    Attendance to school is crucial to academic success. As stated above, parents must provide notice of excused absences as allowable by the PA School Code. If a student does not provide an excusable notice within three days after their absence, the following consequences will be applied:

    1.   Students may not be permitted to make up work for unlawful absences.

    2.   Possible disciplinary actions.

    3.   Parents will receive"notice" letters which state that continued unlawful absences may result in referral to the magistrate.

    4.   District Justice will notify parent of truancy hearing date and if found guilty, be subject to fines and penalties prescribed by the School Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania