Required Health Examinations

    Pennsylvania mandates the following health examinations as indicated:


    Physical Exams: School entry and Grades 6 and 11
    Dental Exams: School entry and Grades 3 and 7
    Vision: All grades yearly
    Hearing: School entry and Grades 1, 2, 3, 7 and 11 (Children with hearing problems are checked yearly)
    Height/Weight: All grades yearly
    Scoliosis: Grades 6 and 7

    All Physical and Dental forms must be completed and returned to the nurse's office no later than October 15th. Students who have not returned a completed form may be scheduled to see the school physician/dentist.
    **Click on the links below to access the necessary forms:
    Physical Form                         Dental Form
    The physical and dental examination forms can be retrieved from the parent resources section of the CBSD website or ask your child to stop into the nurse's office and pick one up.