The school nurse provides care to students who become ill or injured at school. If a child has symptoms of an illness, he/she should remain home until symptoms resolve. As a rule of thumb, a child should be without a fever (under 100.4 F) for 24 hours, without fever reducing medicine, before returning to school.

    Students are not allowed to call or text a parent directly to be picked up for an illness. In cases when a student becomes ill or injured during the day, the school nurse will contact the parent and coordinate this excused dismissal. Please make sure that all emergency contact information is up-to-date on the Parent Portal.

    If your child becomes sick at home or is injured outside of school hours, the most accurate diagnosis will come from having your child evaluated and treated by your private health care provider. If any accommodations must be made at school, please have your child bring in a note from your physician with the diagnosis and any specific instructions that are required for your child.