Library Book Dedications

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    Dedicating a book makes a great gift that will last for years to come!  Your book dedication can celebrate a birthday or holiday, a special achievement, a “thank you” gift for a teacher, or can honor someone special all while helping to support the Jamison Library.


    What happens when you dedicate a book?

    * A personalized bookplate is permanently placed in the book.

    * The book is presented to your child, teacher or the individual being honored.

    * The honoree is the first to check the book out from the library.

    * The dedication will be acknowledged in the school’s monthly newsletter.


    Book Dedications are a gift to EVERY student and teacher at Jamison!


    If you are interested in dedicated a book, click on the link below to download the Book Dedication form.

    Book dedications are $17.00.  The library staff will choose a book based on our expertise.

    Contact Mrs. Tiffany Salter, with questions or to email dedication information.


    Jamison Library Book Dedication