• Ashley  
    Ashley's Garden was built in 1998, by the Butler School Community,  friends, and family members of Ashley Shell Tomlinson in her memory. Ashley had just completed her teaching certification and was beginning a career as a teacher. Her mother, Juliette Shell Tomlinson was principal at Butler. It was designed so that Butler students would have an outside location for lessons and other school events. Traditionally the graduating class of Butler has a group picture taken here with their teachers and the principal. Community groups such as Boy and Girl Scouts meet in the garden. Ashley's father, John A. Tomlinson, was a long time Boy Scout leader and her brother, Tyler, was an Eagle Scout. Several weddings have taken place in Ashley's Garden and it is a favorite spot for prom pictures. Ashley's Woods, which was built by Chris Karlberg, as an Eagle Scout Project,  is a second outdoor location for lessons and gatherings.