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    In order to protect the health and safety of all students, all prescription and over the counter medications administered during the school day must be brought to and administered in the Health Office.

    No medication will be administered to any student without proper completion of the Medication Dispensing Form. The form must be completed for BOTH prescription and over the counter medications and signed by BOTH the physician and parent/guardian.
    Children may not have medications in his/her possession during the school day. This includes over the counter medication like Ibuprofen/Motrin/Advil, Acetaminophen/Tylenol, and cold medicine. 
    All prescribed medication must be delievered to the nurses office in it's original bottle or container.

    Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen may be given to students (administered by the school nurse) when written permission has been obtained on the student’s Census Verification Sheet found on Parent Portal. If this form is incomplete/not returned to the health office, the child is at risk for not receiving medication for an illness or injury. 

    An adult must deliver all controlled medications to the Health Office. Please avoid giving these medications to your child to hand deliver to the nurse. These medications must be counted by the adult and school nurse, recorded on a specific district form, and signed by the adult delivering the medication and the nurse accepting the medication. A parent/guardian will be notified via e-mail and telephone if the child's medication supply is low.

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     If a child requires an EpiPen or Inhaler, please do the following:

    -Provide the medication to the health office

    -Notify the school nurse if the child plans to "self-carry" (these are the only medications a student is permitted to carry during school)

    -Provide a signed medical note/prescription explaining the reason for the medication (exercise induced asthma, anaphylaxis allergy, etc.). A parent/guardian signature is also required on this note. To make it easier, ask the provider to complete the Medication Dispensing Form. Room for both signatures is available.

    -Complete and sign the Action Plan (this will be sent home) then return it to school

    -Review and sign the Competency form (this will be sent home) then return it to school

    -Once the health office has 1) the medical provider's note/prescription with a parent signature, 2) the completed and signed action plan, and 3) the signed competency form, the chid is granted permission to self carry the medication. We encourage the child to carry the medication on their body rather than keeping it in their locker. If they do not want to physically carry it, they may keep it in the nurse's office.

    If your child DOES NOT WANT TO SELF-CARRY their medication, they are not obligated to do so! We would be happy to keep it in the nurses office. The child will be shown where the medication is kept, as it will be easily accessible in an unlocked cabinet at all times.