If a child has symptoms of an illness, he/she should remain home. If the child presents with a fever (100.4F or higher), we request the child be out of school until he/she is 24 hours free of fever without the use of fever reducing medications.
    If a child experiences vomiting or diarrhea in or out of school, we request the child stay home for 24 hours until there are no further signs of vomitiing or diarrhea.
    We strongly discourage students calling home or texting an adult directly to be picked up from school for an illness. In the event a student becomes ill or injured at school, we request the student be properly assessed in the nurses office, and the school nurse will then contact the parent/guardian to coordinate the dismissal.
    Please keep all emergency information up to date. When a sick child must be sent home, the telephone number and other contact information of a responsible adult is essential. Please let the school nurse know if there are any significant changes in your child's health or contact information.
    Students who are injured or become ill at school are a priority. School health office's are not clinics and cannot initially treat injuries and illnesses that do not occur during school hours. If your child becomes sick at home or is injured at home/sporting event outside school hours, please do not ask the child to come to the school nurse for treatment. For the most accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan, we strongly recommend to have your child evaluated by your private health care provider. If any accomodations must be made in school, please provide the health office with a note from the health care provider with the diagnosis and specific instructions/suggested accomodations. 
    If your child will be out sick with an illness, injury, or surgery, please let us know! Communicating with the school nurse regarding any health related absence will allow for the nurse to help develop an effective and managable plan with school counselors and teachers for make-up work. It will also allow the school nurse to assist in the recovery phase as much as possible once the child returns to school.
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