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Passive Fundraising

Jamison Elementary School Passive Fundraising Opportunities


Here are four easy ways to support Jamison Elementary that won’t cost you any additional money or time. For more information on these fundraisers go to the Jamison Elementary School Website, look on the Parents/Students link on the toolbar and click on Home and School In the lefthand column you will find the passive fundraising link.  There you will find details on these fundraisers.  You can even ask Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles to save those Box Tops or receipts and designate Jamison on their Giant BonusCard®. It’s so easy, check it out!


Box Tops for Education Just clip Box Tops from participating products and send them in to school. Each Box Tops coupon is worth 10 cents and they add up fast! You can send them in to school several ways:

  • Bundled in groups of 50, using rubber bands, envelopes or baggies. Make sure to label each bundle with “50” on the outside.
  • Using a collection sheet, again totaling 50. Some sheets have spaces for 10 or 25, so staple several sheets together to reach 50.
  • Bonus Box Tops should be bundled together separately, not stapled with a collection sheet


Giant A+ School Rewards Runs from September 7, 2018 to March 16, 2019. Jamison earns points whenever you scan your registered BONUSCARD®, no need to turn in any receipts. Register by logging on to & following the prompts. Our school ID code is 25986.  Jamison shares in a percentage of the total annual amount donated by Giant.


Redner's Save A Tape Program Scan your Pumps Perks or Save A Tape Card when you check out at Redner's Warehouse Markets. Save your receipts and send them into school. Redner's will donate 1% of the total receipts turned in to Jamison Elementary.


Shoprite of Warminster Save A Tape Program 1% of the total receipts turned in will be donated to Jamison Elementary. This program applies to Shoprite of Warminster only.

There are two ways to participate:


  1. After you check out, write Jamison Elementary on the top of your store receipt and turn it into the collection box located at the front of the store, by register 6.


  1. Send your store receipt(s) in to school with your child, making sure Jamison Elementary is written on the top, & place it in the bin under the TV in the hallway.