Book Selection Tips
     Think about what you like ~ your hobbies and interests

     Think about the kind of book you like ~ fiction, nonfiction, picture book

     Browse the shelves and look for the spine stickers that tell what kind of book it is ~ mystery, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, holiday, award winner, etc.

     Read the back cover or the inside flap of the cover. You will usually find a short summary of what the book is about. Does it interest you?

    Open the book and look at the pages and pictures. Read a few. Is it comfortable to read (Remember the “Five Finger Rule!”) Did the author capture your interest?

    Ask someone who enjoys reading to recommend a book or author.

    Browse the shelf where your favorite author's books are. There may be a new title waiting for you!

    Look at the books on the return cart. Someone else enjoyed those books, so maybe you will too.

     Scan the books that are on display. Often they are new titles or books that are of special interest.

    Go to a computer and open the library catalog. Search for some of your favorite topics by keyword or subject.

    Ask Mrs. Hanna or your teacher for suggestions!