• Guidelines

    The school nurse provides care to students who become ill or injured at school. If a child has symptoms of illness present, he/she should remain home in order that other children do not become infected. As a rule of thumb, a child should be without a fever for 24 hours, without medication, before returning to school. Sick children should never be sent to school with the expectation that the school nurse can be called upon to diagnose a medical problem. If your child becomes sick at home or is injured at home or at a sporting event outside of school hours, please do not ask the child to come to the school nurse for treatment.

    Please be mindful that if the student is ill and comes to school, the student could infect other students in the school. Also, your child could contract another illness because of a stressed immune systemIn addition to communicable diseases, Central Bucks reserves the right to exclude students for the following reasons:

    Central Bucks also reserves the right to exclude children from school based on the following criteria:

    -Illness that prevents a student from participating in activities

    -Fever (100.4 or higher). Students may not return to school until free of fever without medication for 24 hours.

    -Diarrhea or vomiting during the previous 24 hours. Student may not return to school until appetite returns to normal

    -Rash with a fever

    -Other conditions deemed appropriate after assessment by the school nurse