• Ready for Teachers and Students! ~ End-August

    Finished butler modular classroom with desks and white boards

    Classrooms are ready for teachers' finishing touches!

    butler modular classrooms from the exterior

    Looking from the bus path.

    butler modulars from exterior

    Rear view of the Bear Dens.

    view of the modular hallway

    Bear Den ramp hallway.

    butler modular ramp hallway leading to the classrooms

    View of the hallway leading to the classrooms. 

    Finishing Touches ~ Mid-August

    classroom interior

    This image shows some of the classroom interior finishes including carpet, white boards, projector, lights, etc.

    interior hallway

    Hallway ramp up to classrooms (looking from former bus shelter toward modular). Contractors complete prepping, paint, ceiling, and window installation.

    Vestibule installation - End July

    vestibule exterior

    Vestibule exterior.

    vestibule interior

    Vestibule interior.

    Connecting the Modular Ramp to the Building - Mid-July

    workers digging a walkway

    Contractors work on the area connecting to the modular ramp to the bus door shelter. 

    cement block work

    Contractors complete the cement base leading to ramp.

    building the walkway

    Building the ramp.

    Modular Placement - End June

    modular classroom

    Holes for Supporting Footers - 6-18-19

    digging holes for modular footers

    holes for modular footers at butler

    Fencing Installed - 6-4-19

    butler modular fencing

    Fencing was installed around the area where modulars will be positioned.

    butler modular fencing

    Materials for the "Bear Dens" will be delivered and placed within the confines of the fencing in the coming weeks.