• Math in Focus

    Math in Focus addresses topics in greater depth at each grade. 

    Please reference the K-5 Scope and Sequence to see how mathematics skills are introduced and expanded within each grade level.

    This year, your fifth grader will focus on:

    • building problem-solving skills and strategies
    • multiplying and dividing with 2-digit numbers, fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals
    • solving equations and evaluating inequalities
    • finding the area of two dimensional shapes, and surface area and volume of three dimensional shapes
    • using ratios and percents, and finding the probability of an event
    • applying properties of angles, triangles, and four-sided figures


    You can help your child build confidence as well as communication skills in mathematics by practicing newly acquired skills at home by encouraging opportunities to use math in everyday situations. Allow your child's math class-work or homework to guide you in determine the appropriate level of challenge.

    While reading newspapers and magazines, invite your child to:

    • estimate sums, differences, products, and quotients of large numbers
    • keep an eye out for ratios, percents and graphs

    At home or at the supermarket, challenge your child to:

    • decide which brand is more cost-effective
    • find the surface area and volume of objects in the same shape of rectangular prisms
    • classify triangles and find the area of triangular figures
    • use calculators to work with household bills

    On car or bus trips, allow your child to:

    • identify various three-dimensional shapes
    • read maps with scales expressed in ratio forms


    Units of Study

    Chapter 1: Whole Numbers and the Four operations

    Chapter 2: fractions and mixed numbers

    Chapter 3: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers

    Chapter 4: Decimals

    Chapter 5: Four Operations and Decimals

    Chapter 6: Volume

    Chapter 7: Line plots and the coordinate plane

    Chapter 8: Polygons

    Chapter 9: ratio

    Chapter 10: Percent