• Jamison HSA Committees 2019-2020


    Thank you for volunteering your time and effort to help make a wonderful school year for Jamison’s students! We hope this will be a rewarding experience for you and are committed to helping you in any way we can. We ask that you please keep notes and copies of fliers to pass on to the next person to chair your committee. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

    The HSA has many opportunities to get parents involved. Please review the current list of Committees and contact any Committee Chairperson or Board Member to get involved.

    Bingo Night

    Bingo takes place on a Friday evening, usually in February. Responsibilities include the planning of prizes, purchasing of snacks and coordination of volunteers for the sale of snacks and bingo cards, as well as set up and clean up.

    Committee Chair: Tracy Rodriguez, tdrodriguez22@gmail.com

    Book Fair

    Book Fairs are run in early November and mid-May. The Committee advertises, decorates (based on the current Scholastic theme), creates enthusiasm with student contests or games, organizes volunteers for set up and clean up, and works with Jamison’s Librarian. Other responsibilities include finances, coordinating with Scholastic representatives and learning the register system.

    Committee Co-Chairs: Lindsey Heller, lindseyheller@gmail.com; Toni Holstine, toni.holstine@yahoo.com

    Box Tops for Education and Giant A+ Reward

    Box Tops is a passive fundraiser that runs throughout the year. Parents are asked to collect Box Tops from certain products and send them to school – Jamison receives a check in return. The committee works with the chair to collect, count and mail in Box Tops.

    Committee Chair: Katie Schanbacher, kss1227@gmail.com


    The Jamison Elementary School Directory is published (digitally) annually and contains contact information for staff, faculty and students. The directory is emailed in the beginning of the school year.                    

    Committee Chair: Lindsey Heller, lindseyheller@gmail.com

    Fall Family Fun Night

    An event is held in the Fall for families to socialize. Previous events have included movie nights, family dance and a fall fun festival. The Committee handles all logistics related to coordination of the event.

    Committee Co-Chairs: Lindsey Heller, lindseyheller@gmail.com; Toni Holstine, toni.holstine@yahoo.com

    Sweetheart Dance

    This event is a great night and is usually held in March. The Committee advertises the event, coordinates the theme, plans decorations, orders food, etc. The Chair handles the finances.

    Committee Chair: Bridget Liczbinski, Auntbridgy1@aol.com

    Field Day

    Field Day is held in the spring toward the end of the school year. The Chair coordinates snack breaks with the Physical Education Teacher. The day begins around 9:00am and ends with a school wide Tug of War and video of the day’s events.

    Committee Chair: Toni Holstine, toni.holstine@yahoo.com 


    Mr. Hottestein oversees Jamison’s Ecology Club with the help of parent volunteers. The GRUBS coordinator will help promote the club and help their efforts to be the model for schools everywhere in creating an Ecofriendly Environment.  Some activities include Jamison’s annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest and GRUBS dig-in days.

    Committee Chair: Mr. Hottenstein, jhottenstein@cbsd.org

    Homeroom Parent Coordinator

    The Coordinator oversees, manages and provides all pertinent information regarding classroom responsibilities to the homeroom parents. The Homeroom Parent Coordinator has open communication with HSA Board to forward flyers and information to school families. Committee Coordinator: Toni Holstine, toni.holstine@yahoo.com

    I Run For Life

    This running program begins in March and runs through May. The Chair coordinates all logistics including the weekly activities, finances and getting volunteers.

    Committee Chair: Jessica Philp, jessica.l.philp@gmail.com


    This Committee is responsible for coordinating all aspects of Jamison’s sprit wear, including advertising of sales, distributing of orders and working with J&S Promotions to maintain the online store.

    Committee Chair: Kristie Creswick, kristie.n.creswick@gmail.com

    KidStuff Coupon Books

    Books are sold during the first quarter of the school year. The Chair is responsible for advertising the sale, collecting the money, organizing volunteers and the distribution and collection of coupon books, as well as being the liaison to the company.

    Committee Co-Chair: Stef Muldoon, stefmuldoon14@gmail.com; Toni Holstine, toni.holstine@yahoo.com           

    Kiss and Drop

    This is a special service provided to parents who drop off their children in the morning.  The Chair coordinates volunteers who are asked to arrive at school by 8:10am (drop off begins at 8:15am) to assist in the opening/closing of car doors and in helping children out of the car and into school safely.  Kiss and Drop ends promptly at 8:35am.

    Committee Chair: POSITION OPEN


    Volunteers come in on scheduled day and assist in laminating for teachers.

    Committee Chair: Toni Holstine, toni.holstine@yahoo.com 

    Mother Son Fun Night

    This event is a great night for moms and sons, usually held in early April. The Chair needs to advertise the event, collect money and coordinate with the venue, as well as recruit volunteers to help during the event.

    Committee Chair: Kristie Creswick, Kristie.n.creswick@gmail.com

    Muffins with Mom and Donuts with Dad

    These events are an opportunity to honor moms and dads and to say thank you for all the hard work you do every day with your children. The Committee works to coordinate the food and activities during the event.

    Committee Chair: Melissa Hanford, mdhanford@verizon.net

    Shadow Box Display

    This committee updates four shadow box windows in the main hallway to reflect current school events and other themes decided upon by the HSA.

    Committee Co-Chairs: Kristie Creswick, kristie.n.creswick@gmail.com; Lindsey Heller, lindseyheller@gmail.com

    Staff Appreciation Breakfast

    This event coincides with Teacher Appreciation Week, usually in May. Parents volunteer to make and serve food for the entire staff; as well as decorate the morning of the breakfast.

    Committee Chair: Lindsey Heller, lindseyheller@gmail.com


    This committee creates a yearbook to preserve memories from each school year, with pages dedicated to each classroom and grade level, as well as special events. Volunteers interested in taking pictures and creating a classroom page, please contact your Homeroom Parent.

    Committee Chair: Ashley Von Grossen, ashleyvongross@gmail.com