100% JET

    Planning for the Year Ahead

    The Jamison Elementary Home and School Association’s (HSA) main objective is to coordinate activities and events that strengthen and enhance our community. The HSA is busy planning our Back to School Picnic, Family Fun Night at Del Val, Monthly Pretzel Sales, Bingo, Spring Family Fun Night at the Ball Park, among others. To continue providing events and assistance to some of Jamison’s programming, we need your help. Please support our annual fundraiser: 100% JET.


    What Is 100% JET?

    100% JET is Jamison HSA’s annual fundraiser. We ask each Jamison family to donate directly to the HSA to help raise the funds necessary for our annual budget. With this type of fundraiser, the entire donation supports our school!


    How Does 100% JET Help?

    In addition to our events, we support several committees and programs, including assemblies, field trips, technology integration, the Jamison Today Show, the purchasing of 6th Grade yearbooks, possibly the addition of playground equipment, and many others.


    How Can You Help?

    Please consider donating this year. The suggested contribution is $35-$50 per family; although, the HSA welcomes and is grateful for donations of any size, smaller or larger. We understand that some families may not be in a financial position to donate; please do not feel obligated.


    How Can You Donate?

    There are two ways for you to make your donation.

     1.Make your donation online on the Jamison Elementary School website using PayPal. Visit the school’s homepage and click the  “Donate” button in the section that reads Announcements.

     2.Complete the form at the bottom of this page and send a check in the envelope provided. Donations can be submitted to your  child’s classroom teacher, at Back to School Nights (dates listed on website), or to the school office.


    Please make checks payable to: Jamison HSA.


    NOTE: Some companies will match your contribution. Ask if your company does Employee Matching. Jamison HSA is a 501(c)3.


    If you have any questions, please contact:

    Mr. Croyle at mcroyle@cbsd.org or

    Lindsey Heller at jamisonhsa@gmail.com.



    Thank you for your consideration and for the time that you devote to your children, their education and our school community.


    100% JET Donation                        Please Circle:           $35      $40      $45      $50      Other ____________


        Student Name:                                Grade:                                            Teacher:

    ____________________________    __________________                        ______________________________

    ____________________________    __________________                        ______________________________

    ____________________________    __________________                        ______________________________

    ____________________________    __________________                        ______________________________

    Please make checks payable to: Jamison HSA.

    The Jamison HSA is a non-profit organization (501c3 status). If you are interested in claiming your donation on your taxes, please use your cancelled check as your receipt. If a cash donation is made and you are claiming the donation on your taxes, please contact the school office for a receipt.


    Make Your 100% JET Donation Online with PayPal

    Visit Jamison’s homepage and click “Donate” in the Announcements section.