Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

  • Gayman School Day

    The Gayman Elementary School day begins at 8:35AM and ends at 3:15PM.  For supervision and safety reasons, students may begin arriving at 8:15AM.  Dismissal ends at approximately 3:35PM with the departure of the last bus.

    If your child attends morning kindergarten, the school days begins 8:35AM and ends at 11:10AM.  Afternoon kindergarten begins at 12:40PM and ends at 3:15PM.  


    Early Dismissal

    For any early dismissal days, the school day will end at 11:55AM.  For kindergarten students, morning and afternoon kindergarten will rotate on early dismissal days. Please consult the school district calendar to verify if school is in session for your child. 


    2-Hour Delay

    The school day will begin at 10:35AM for a two-hour delay. 

    Our kindergarten students will have a modified schedule. Morning kindergarten will occur between 10:35AM - 12:20PM.  Afternoon kindergarten will occur between 1:30PM - 3:15PM.