2024-2025 Candidate Statements

  • Jennifer Davis, President

    Hi Gayman Families! For those that don't know me, I'm Jennifer Davis, mom to Blake and Brantley Davis, and it would be my pleasure to serve as President of the Executive Board for Home and School for my final year with Gayman! 

    I have been the President for the past two years and have seen firsthand all of the wonderful things this group does for our children. The past two years I served on all committees allowing me to understand all the ins and outs of all the events held at Gayman. In addition to all of the wonderful events, I have worked hard to communicate all Home and School information clearly with weekly gazette updates, FB posts, and monthly emails to all parents.

    My experience as the President of the Executive Board has allowed me to better understand the inner workings related to meetings, committees, events, partnerships, community, communication, and financials. I know what is needed in the President’s role and have built positive relationships with many of the families at our school.  I am a self-employed consultant whose strengths lie in organization, structure, and team building. My flexible schedule allows me to be able to fulfill the role as President with complete commitment.

    I am passionate about not just being a part of our wonderful community but helping to nurture it by continuing to bridge the gap between school and parents, creating fun for every child, and assisting the teachers and staff who already have incredibly difficult jobs. I truly want to ensure Gayman is the best experience for all involved. It is why I am the ideal candidate to serve as Executive Board President.


    Tracy DiCanto, VP of Finance

    I would like to express my interest in running for the GHSA Vice President of Finance role for the upcoming 2024-25 school year. I have served on the board as both Secretary (2019-21) and Treasurer (2021-2024) and have enjoyed my time on as we've developed new programming and have had a lot of fun! I've also supported GHSA as Yearbook Chair, Bingo Chair and as a member of some of our committees (Gayman Grounds, Dance, Teacher Appreciation) currently and in the past. I would love the opportunity to continue to support all of the amazing work we do to make our kids experience at Gayman a great one. I have two daughters at Gayman, Violet and Harper, and they will be heading into 4th and 6th grades. Outside of GHSA, I'm currently the VP, Strategy and Operations for SCA Health creating innovative value-based programs for our physician partners and volunteer as part of Between Friends Outreach, a local Bucks County charity and sit on the board of the Plumstead Hawks softball organization as Treasurer.


    Ali Farrell, VP of Community

    My name is Ali Farrell, and I am the incumbent Vice President of Community for the 2023 - 2024 calendar year here at Gayman. I am looking forward to your nomination to continue on in this role for the 2024 - 205 school year.  Along with a community of volunteers, I've had the opportunity of chairing and executing a number of successful community-building events, such as the Fall Fest, and I would welcome the opportunity to continue building community connections through the GHSA again. 

    My two children, Kellan (11) and Cecilia (8) have enjoyed their years in the Gayman community, and I look forward to having the privilege to give back to our families again. 

    One of the things I continue to be most passionate about, in both my personal and professional life, is creating opportunities to bring people together in order to build the connections that truly create a strong, cohesive, and family-oriented community. My professional experience as a Global Chief HR Officer, has allowed me to develop strengths that are well-suited for a role within the GHSA. I am thoughtful, inclusive, organized, creative, collaborative, and truly understand how important communication is when bringing large groups of people together to rally around an idea or an event. I am looking forward to meeting more of our families and creating experiences that continue to bring our community together.


    Kim Gauthier, VP of School Enrichment

    I am the ideal person for Vice President of School Enrichment because I’m passionate about getting kids excited to go to school. I want to bring more than the classroom to energize kids about learning. Furthermore, I’m passionate about Gayman Elementary. I have been an active member of the Gayman community since 2021 and have truly enjoyed being a part of what GHSA offers to this school. I believe it is this home and school association and this community that make Gayman stand out as a great elementary school. I’ve served in this role the past two years. In that time, I’ve worked closely with the librarian to bring authors to the school, create and promote book clubs, and purchase new material for the library. I have also expanded this role to include partnering with other specials’ teachers. Most recently, I worked with the Quest teacher to better understand the needs for that program. I learned more ink for the 3D printer would greatly benefit the students, so I worked with GHSA to purchase that for the class. I am looking forward to continuing to partner with the Gayman staff to fulfil unmet needs, making our specials program best in class. The two greatest strengths I bring to this role are perspective and listening. I currently have 2 children at Gayman, a 6th grader and a 4th grader.  The 6th grader started Gaymen when she was in 2nd grade, while the 4th grader started when she was in kindergarten. I’ve seen both my children develop with the different teachers at Gayman, gaining perspective on what types of topics and activities excite different children at different age groups. By listening to my children (and their classmates), to the other parents, and to the teachers I have ensured the programs we bring are what the community wants. I have extensive project management experience that I bring to not only the duties of the VP of School Enrichment, but also to the GHSA board and the committees in which I’ve participated. Some examples include bringing a graphic novelist and a nonfiction writer for author’s day, the successful color runs that I have co-chaired since the event’s inception, and the success of the 2023 – 2024 6th grade club where we had over 60 kids participate at nearly every event.  I work us towards milestones and deliver successful events. 


    Megan Monforte, VP of Communications

    I have been a Gayman parent for the last eight years and either a homeroom parent, Kindness Counts Club chairperson, Mustang Muse editor, or member of the GHSA board for the last seven. Sometimes, all at once.

    I am running for a third term as a board member for the 2024-2025 school year because I truly enjoy being an active and helpful member of our wonderful school community. Whether it’s setting up teacher luncheons, creating flyers for events, brainstorming new ideas, checking bingo cards or decorating for the dance, I love contributing to the success of GHSA and the happiness of Gayman’s students and families. 

    To this particular position I bring decades of experience as a professional writer/communicator. My years of involvement at Gayman have also equipped me with the knowledge I need to plan meetings and events, troubleshoot issues. and know who to talk to about what and when. I relish collaborative opportunities and consider myself a reliable and amiable team player.  

    Currently, I’m the copywriter for Travis Manion Foundation and working on a novel. In my spare time, I take tap and ballet, love reading and being outside, and work as an unpaid Uber driver for my active kids. My husband, Mike, works for CBS in New York, coaches girls’ soccer and can often be found at Gayman events, chatting and pitching in. We have three kiddos—Matt, a 7th grader at Tohickon, Gavin, a 5th grader, and Molly, a 3rd grader. 

    My enthusiasm for Gayman, my positive outlook, and my relevant professional experience make me a good fit for VP of Communications on the GHSA Executive Board. I’m looking forward to another year of ensuring Gayman remains the magical place that it is.


    Steve DiNardo, VP of Fundraising 

    My name is Steve DiNardo, and I'm honored to accept your nomination to serve a 3rd consecutive term on the GHSA Executive Board. I’ve been a Gayman parent for 4 years - my son Luca (4th) and daughter Stevie (1st) are current students and my son Duke (Pre-K) and Eva (brand new) are Mustangs-in-training. I’ve volunteered at countless school events, spearheaded a few and remain an active member of our wonderful community. Beyond GHSA, I serve as a league director and coach for local youth baseball and basketball programs, so there's a chance I've seen your kids on the field/court!

    The purpose of GHSA is to strengthen partnerships between the school, families and community and the board should be the vehicle to drive this forward. After catalyzing a board position rebrand to better align to this mission, I served as our first VP Fundraising. In this newly minted role, I have established a community-centric approach to fundraising, anchored in local business partnerships and relationships. I launched the #DineLocal Series (Lucatelli’s Pizzeria, Borough Bagels) which raised over $2,600 - a GHSA high water mark - while creating memorable experiences for our families and generating record-setting revenue days for local business owners. I also conceptualized and coordinated our 1st GHSA Silent Auction, featured at Fall Fest, which raised just shy of $2,000. These additional funds will be allocated towards new or existing programming for our children. As VP Fundraising, I will continue to expand on these already successful programs, while seeking new, innovative ways to augment our existing practices.

    Fundraising aside, I am always thinking of ways to enrich the lives of Gayman students. As a performing artist, I will be facilitating a Performing Arts Club at the school to help kids build self-confidence through artistic expression and effective use of their voice.

    I believe I bring a unique perspective to GHSA and look forward to serving the community for another school year!