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    All Doylestown elementary aged children attended the "old" borough school at the corner of East Court and Broad Streets. (This building burned in the late 1960s and was converted into the parking lot across from the courthouse.)

    With the increasing enrollment it was decided to build Linden Elementary School. Linden was scheduled for completion by September of 1959 (the date of the corner stone), however the building was not finished until April 1, 1960. The school had 12 classrooms, two rooms for kindergarten, an all-purpose room, nurse's room, curriculum room (used as the faculty room), and a basement play room. Room 3 was the library. The play room was converted into the library in 1968, when the new section was added to Linden. Children in kindergarten and grades 4-6 went to Linden. One section of kindergarten and grades 1-3 remained at the borough school.

    The first principal was Mrs. Marion Franco-Ferreira and the building cost $520,000 to build!

    In 1966, Doyle Elementary was opened and the borough school was closed. All students were re-districted and Linden and Doyle housed students in kindergarten through sixth grade, plus special education classes.