• Boomerang

    The Boomerang Youth Recognition Award is a student recognition program sponsored by CB Cares Educational Foundation and Doylestown Inn’s Hattery Stove & Still. This program recognizes the students for living by a Developmental Asset principle as identified by the Search Institute.

    The Boomerang Award is a monthly program offered in our 23 schools that recognizes and honors students in our community for exemplifying and living by a featured monthly Developmental Asset.  Students can be nominated by teachers, peers, family and community members.  An individual winner from elementary, middle, and high school are selected by community judges and recognized by CB Cares Educational Foundation as the district winner. Anyone can nominate a student for the Boomerang Youth Recognition Award.   All nominations must be submitted by the 4th Monday of the month and must go through the student’s school to the designated coordinator Mrs. O'Connell.  


    Boomerang Nomination Form


    Boomerang Youth Recognition Award 2020-21 Developmental Assets



    Nominations & Building Winners



    Asset#21: Achievement Motivation

    Benjamin Lynch

    Benjamin Lynch

    5th Grade-Mrs. Schlotter


    Simona Cinquino

    Simona Cinquino

    AM Kindergarten-Mrs. Dean




    MJ Doebler


    Asset#15: Positive Peer Influence

    Michael MJ Doebler

    3rd Grade-Mrs. Gilluly 



    Kellan Farrell


    Asset #33: Interpersonal Competence 

    Kellan Farrell 

    2nd Grade-Mrs. Warner