• Welcome to the Linden Library! Our goal is to make the library a welcome, exciting place to learn! 

    Every class visits the library each week for 40 minute class sessions. There is a library curriculum that is followed for each grade level that includes research, literature and technology. The library is staffed by a certified librarian and a library assistant.

    Students who need to exchange books other than their library time  may do so from 8:45-11:30 doily.

    Our Return Policies:

    • If a book is lost or damaged, a library fine will be assessed to replace the book.
    • Replacement fees can be provided to the library via cash or a check made out to Linden Elementary School
    • The library purchases library bound books and cannot accept replacement books for that reason.


    For more information, visit the Linden Library page or email dfree@cbsd.org