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    A Fun Poetry Site

    Acrostic Poetry...a NEW version!

    Take a well-known phrase and put each word of it on a new line. Then use that topic to focus your poem ideas around.

    Examples: Written collaboratively by 3rd graders!

    Twinkling Star

    Twinkle twinkle in the night sky

    Twinkle like a beautiful light

    Little kids like to look up and star gaze

    Star show your brightness

    How much I wish to see you

    I think you are so interesting

    Wonder how much you shimmer

    What amazing sparkles you give us

    You glitter like a golden tower
    Are the loveliest things in the sky


    I am first with 5

    Then seven in the middle--

    Five again to end.

    Subject: nature, seasons, or animals



    Flowers start to bloom

    The baby birds start to chirp--

    It means renewal.

    Song Poetry 


    Tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat

    By: 3rd Grade Class

    Halfs, thirds, fourths, and sixths

    Fractions are so fun!

    Exciting, exciting, exciting, exciting, they all add up to