• Special Announcements:  If any of you observe or take part in practices of faith that make your schoolwork a challenge, please talk with me to work out a plan. 


    * Each Day:  Bring a HEALTHY snack and a bottle of water.
    * Charge laptops daily AT HOME and bring to school IN the CB laptop case 

    * Remember your library books on Day 4

    * Remember sneakers for gym on  Day 3


    Daily Assignments  Monday - Thursday:

    1. 📖 READ daily     at least 15 minutes a day (or 60 minutes per week) 

    2.  Daily Math Fact Practice (5-10 minutes)      Click here for ways to practice your facts  - PDF will download 

    3. Complete the assigned Math In Focus practice page(s) below - This should be dated with a sticky-note bookmark.   






     Resources for practicing time: