• Get to Know the Mustang Book Dedication Program!

    What Happens When I Dedicate a Book?

    • A personalized nameplate will be placed in the front cover and a special dedication sticker added to the spine to identify the book.
    • The recipient will be the first to read the book.
    • Your book will be shared in the Gayman Gazette (unless you have other preferences). 
    How do Dedications Help Gayman and Our Library?
    • Fosters library ownership as students add their own "special book" to the collection.
    • Contribute fresh reading material to our library throughout the year.
    • Celebrates the love of reading by recognizing reading interests, favorite titles, favorite subjects, and favorite authors.
    • Strengthens our Gayman Community by recognizing and remembering contributions of Gayman community members. 
    When can we Dedicate Books?
     Books can be dedicated at any time, for a wide range of reasons.  Possibilities include:
    • birthdays.
    • a student's first year at Gayman.
    • holidays.
    • to honor a family member or friend.
    • to celebrate a class interest or favorite author.
    • as a thank you gift for a teacher.
    • to remember a pet.
    • a student's final year at Gayman.

    Interested in Dedicating a Book?
    Click HERE to fill in an electronic book dedication form.  Our library team will contact once you submit the form.
    Click HERE to download a book dedication form or send your student to grab one!