• Self Care and Compassion

    Compassion isn’t just something you show to others, it’s important to show yourself compassion as well. When you understand your feelings you can better understand what you need and what can be done to help. When you understand what you need, you can show yourself compassion. 


    a bad case of stripes
    Click HERE for a Read aloud of the book:  A Bad Case of Stripes


    • What did Camilla learn in this story?

    • How did Camilla grow or change during the story? 

    • How did she show compassion to herself?


    It is important show compassion to yourself as well as to others. Remember that compassion is when you SEE someone in need, CARE about their feelings, and DO something to show you care. For yourself, that means noticing your feelings, caring about your feelings, and doing something when you don’t feel well.

     self care