MAY 29, 2020 

    Hello Soaring Eagles!  Thank you for joining me today!  Happy Friday!

    Each Friday, I will post some additional Social-Emotional Wellness (SEW) Lessons for you to use.  During our days away from Doyle we have had to deal with difficult news and worries about our health.  There continues to be a lot of unexpected changes in our routines. 

    This week we are going to focus on "Respect."  During Distance Learning, we still need to think about our actions.  We have to make sure that we are respectful in our virtual settings as well as at home.  

    When you are respectful to others,  you can be a great role-model for other students. You may also notice that when you are respectful, other people will act more respectfully toward you.  Remember - show the Doyle 5 and make it a great week!

    I miss all of our Soaring Eagles! 

    heart  Ms. Kowalchick


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              What is respect? 



              How are you showing respect at home and during your virtual

    distance learning activities?                  

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    Read Aloud of Decibella

  • Sesame Street:  Respect