• The Compassion Project Lesson 9

    When you practice compassion every day, it doesn’t just makes others feel good, it makes you feel good too! When others see you practice compassion, they might choose to act with more compassion toward others so they feel good also. Research suggests that when you watch someone perform acts of compassion, that motivates you to want to act compassionately toward someone yourself.

    Compassion is when you SEE someone in need, CARE about their feelings, and DO something to show you care. 

  • Let's think about how we can show compassion to others every day.

    • Who needed compassion? How did you know?

    • Who had empathy for Tye and showed her compassion? How?

    • What did David give up in order to show compassion to Tye?

    • How did David go through the 3 steps of compassion with Tye? 



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