• The Compassion Project Lesson 7

    Growth mindset is when you make an effort to get better at something instead of just thinking ‘I’m not good at that’ or ‘I’ll never be good at that’. Instead you think, ‘I’m not good at that YET’ or ‘I could be good at that if I practice.’ It’s when you remember that your brain is always growing and can learn new things.

    In this video, look for someone who learns growth mindset and someone who shows compassion. 

  • In this video, we saw Amir encourage Gabby to have a growth mindset about her drumming.

    • Who showed compassion? What did they do?

    • What happened that made Gabby change from thinking that she could not be a drummer, to thinking that she could be a drummer?

    • When Gabby practiced her drumming, what happened? 



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