• The Compassion Project Lesson 6

    Mindfulness is when you pay attention in a special way and live in the present moment (noticing your thoughts, feelings, surroundings, and your body). Mindfulness can lead to increased calmness, increased ability to regulate emotions, and is linked to empathy. Mindfulness techniques should be intentional and can include things like taking deep breaths or focusing your eyes on something specific.


    • What strong negative emotions did Brandon and Tye have? How do you know? (body language, facial expressions, words/sounds)

    • Who had empathy for Brandon and Tye and showed them compassion? How?

    • What mindfulness technique did Alex teach her friends? How did it help them?


    Last Friday, we talked about "The Good Egg" and we learned about what it means to show compassion to ourselves.

    What does ‘Self-CARE’ stand for?

    How can we show ourselves compassion?



     Mindfulness Calming Exercises

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