• The Compassion Project Lesson 5

    As you grow, you are learning how to express, cope with and manage all of your different emotions.

    Think about how you manage your emotions.  Remember, your emotions and behaviors influence the choices you make and how you problem-solve.

  • In this video, we saw that sometimes emotions can be confusing. Sometimes it can be hard to know what we’re feeling. We also noticed someone who showed compassion to someone who was confused about their emotions. 

    • What was Amir feeling? How do you know ? Why did he feel that way?

    • Did anyone show him compassion? How did that help?

    • What emotions did Brandon have? How do you know? (body language, facial expressions, words/sounds)

    • Who had empathy for Brandon and showed him compassion? How?

    • What did Brandon do to help himself understand his emotions?

    • How did Brandon change after understanding his emotions?



     Mindfulness Calming Exercises


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