• The Compassion Project Lesson 4

    Sometimes, it can be hard to manage our emotions. When we don’t manage our emotions well, we may not be compassionate toward others, or get the compassion we need. In this lesson, students label emotions, describe what they look like, and list the situations that might cause them. When we are happy, our needs are being met, when we are upset or worried, our needs are not being met. This week we have been learning about why we should be compassionate.

    Why is it important to show compassion?

    What are some of the good things that can happen when you show compassion?


  • In this video, we learned that hurt feelings can lead to negative emotions but that compassion can help when feelings are hurt. 

    • What was Amir feeling? How do you know ? Why did he feel that way?

    • Did anyone show him compassion? How did that help?

    • What are some emotions you feel on the inside that show on the outside?

    • What are some emotions you feel on the inside that don’t show on the outside?

    • When was a time when your feelings were hurt and you felt a strong emotion. Did anyone show you compassion? 




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