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     4/21/20  Hello Soaring Eagles!  Take a moment to think about effort.  What does effort mean to you?   Effort has to do with how much work you are putting into something and how hard you are trying. Effort is about attempting to get something done, even if it is difficult.  Effort is a way for you to demonstrate how important something is to you and your willingness to achieve a goal.  Effort is a way to gain control over your assignments and progress. 


    You have the power over how much effort you put into completing your learning tasks and how much effort you put into the quality of your work.  Be powerful and put a lot of effort into your work. On your path to success, effort counts twice!  

    Get an overview of Grit and Growth Mindset by watching this video:


    Grow Grit from the Inside Out VIDEO



    Mindfulness Calming Exercises

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    Click HERE for Thought Bubbles Comic Kids Zen Den



    View Below to Practice Shapes Yoga Poses 

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