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    April 17, 2020 

    Hello Soaring Eagles!  I hope you are having a wonderful week!  Each Friday, I will post some additional Social-Emotional Wellness (SEW) Lessons for you to use.  The last month has been full of difficult news and worries about our health.  We have had a lot of unexpected changes in our routines.  We are going to start this week with some ideas about tools and strategies you can use to help you manage overwhelming feelings.  You have the best ideas!  So while you listen, be sure to think of what works best for you!

    I miss all of our Soaring Eagles! 

    heart  Ms. Kowalchick



    Please use the following steps below to participate in this week's lesson: (make sure to scroll all the way down)


    1.  VIDEO:  Introduction to Social-Emotional Wellness Lessons

    TLK Intro


    2.  bulb Think: 


              How have you been feeling lately? 


              Does it ever feel difficult to cope with your feelings?



  • Video List
    Coping Skills Toolbox -

    Coping Skills Toolbox

    *Click on the title "Coping Skills Toolbox" above to play the video. 

    *Managing our feelings takes practice.  It helps to have a variety of good ideas to use as tools.  This will make it easier to manage when you feel overwhelmed.

    *Don't forget to come back to this page to complete the flipgrid after the lesson video

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    I can't wait to hear your suggestions!  


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