4/16/20  Hello Soaring Eagles!  We are proud of your hard work and effort.  You have been using strategies and showing persistence working toward your learning goals.  Distance learning has added many challenges to your day and you have been a problem-solver and risk taker. Mistakes are not failures.  Mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow.  


    Keeping a growth mindset will continue to take effort and determination.  


    Every day, ask yourself these important questions:

    *What did I do today that made me think hard?

    *What new strategies did I try?

    *What mistakes did I make that taught me something?

    *What did I try today that was difficult?

    *When I had an obstacle, what did I do?


    Keep working hard, we are proud of you!!




     Mindfulness Calming Exercises

                                                       zen den

     Click HERE for The Owl and the Guard Dog Comic Kids Zen Den Mindfulness for kids


    Growth Mindset for Students Episode 4 VIDEO


    Positive Thoughts:  Superhero Yoga

    Click HERE for Yoga Superhero Poses




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