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     4/15/20  Hello Soaring Eagles!  This week we are focusing on grit and goal-setting.  How are your plans working so far?  What is your plan for handling obstacles?  Sometimes, the way we talk to ourselves can cause an obstacle and get in the way of our progress.  When we have negative thoughts and say negative things to ourselves like, "I can't do this" or "I am failing" that stops us from moving forward with the positive plan we want to achieve.   These negative thoughts have a lot of power and may even cause us to freeze and get stuck.  Take charge of your thoughts and choose an attitude that reflects growth mindset.  Be aware of your thinking and make sure that you change those negative thoughts into positive thoughts that show you know that mistakes are a tool for learning.


    When you think:  I failed.  Change the thought to Mistakes help me learn and grow.


    When you think:  I can't figure it out.  Change the thought to I haven't figured it out yet.

    When you think:  I can't do this.  Change the thought to I am on the right track.


    When you think:  I am not good at anything.  Change the thought to I can do hard things.


    When you think:  I will never be able to this.  Change the thought to This might take time and effort.


    Other growth mindset thoughts:
    I am a problem-solver.

    I am brave.

    I try new things.

    I embrace a challenge. 

    Learning is my superpower.





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