be proud  

     4/13/20  Hello Soaring Eagles!  You can be proud of the effort you are putting into your Distance Learning.  As the week begins, take some time to reflect and think about what is going well and what you can do to improve.   Did you meet your personal goals last week?  What were you proud about?  What area would you like to improve?

    Today, take some time to set your goals for the week.  Follow these 4 simple steps and you will start the week on a positive start.  You have the power to be successful!  Keep your growth mindset and remember, mistakes are OK.  Mistakes will help you learn and grow. 


    1.  Step 1: Choose your BIG goal

    Ask yourself:

    *What is something you wish you could achieve this week?

    *What yould you do if you knew you couldn't fail?


    2.  Step 2:  Talk about the PURPOSE of your goaLAsk yourself:

    *What is the greatest benefit to doing well with your schoolwork?

    *How can this help others?


    3.  Step 3:  Break your Big Goal into Smaller Steps*Write you BIG goal at the top of the ladder.

    *Then work your way through the steps it would take to achieve that goal.


    4.  Step 4:  Brainstorm Potential ObstacleS*What are your bad habits?

    *If you feel like giving up, what will you do instead? 


    **Write down your goal!** 

    **if you write down your plan,

    You'll be more likely to stick to it !**


    Mindfulness Calming Exercises

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