Make It Manageable

    4/7/20  Hello Soaring Eagles!  As we all work on our new learning goals, it will be important for you to take one step at a time.  If it feels overwhelming to think about all the new tasks and assignments for the week ahead, just focus on the next step.  What do you need to accomplish today?  What do you need to do first?  Next?  Think about your learning style and what works best for you.  Plan to take breaks while you work.  This will keep your energy level high and it will be a lot easier to focus.  Treat yourself and celebrate your accomplishments by doing many fun things throughout the day.

    You are working hard!  You have a lot to be proud about!



    *Stretch or do some yoga poses        *Read some jokes           *Walk around inside or outside

                                     *Go on a scavenger hunt           *Snuggle with your pet or stuffed animal

    *Practice with a mindful video          *Watch a funny video         *Call a friend

                                     *Eat a crunchy, healthy snack           *Dance to your favorite song



    Mindfulness Calming Exercises

                                      mind yeti 4

    Click HERE for Mind Yeti:  Hello Gratitude:  Listen

    Click HERE for Mind Yeti:  The Kid and the Hat:  Listen


    Take on Big Challenges by Taking Tiny Steps

    Big Challenges, The High Dive VIDEO

    Big Challenges, Tiny Steps VIDEO

    Big Challenges, Staircase Strategy VIDEO