• rainbow chalk Finding Rainbows

    Hello Soaring Eagles!  You have been working hard and we are proud of you!  Hopefully, you were able to find some time this week to surround yourself with things that make you happy.  Your family is surrounding you right now.  What do you like to do together for fun?  Even though you don't see your friends every day, they are still close in thought or by virtual connection.  How have you connected with friends?  There are things in your life that make you happy - interests, hobbies, activities, talents, even your favorite colors.  How have you included these things in your day?  

    April 3 is Find a Rainbow Day.  On this day, people are challenged to look to the sky (and other places) to find a colorful ray of connection, happiness and hope.  This may be an easy task if the weather cooperates.  Rainbows can also be those activities, moments and connections that make you feel good.

    Over the past few weeks, many people have shared rainbows with me.  The beautiful rainbow above was shared with me by a stranger.  I was out on a walk and spotted this on the sidewalk.  It made me smile.  It definitely brought me happiness.  It made me think of all of the Doyle students that I miss dearly.  It helped me feel connected because I have this wish for all of you, for my family and for my friends.  I experience a "rainbow moment" when I hear from Doyle students, families and staff members during this time away from school.

    Try to find "rainbows" every day.  Think of rainbows as things that make you happy or bright spots in your day.  Look for "rainbows" for yourself and try to add a "rainbow" to someone else's day.  It will make you feel wonderful!



     Mindfulness Calming Exercises  

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    Click HERE to Watch a Favorite Movie Clip:  Over the Rainbow from the Wizard of OZ


    Go on a "Rainbow" Hunt

    -Find as many things as you can in your favorite color.

    -Draw or cut out pictures (from old magazines) of things you love.

    -Make a list of things that make you smile.

    -Do something for someone in your family to make him/her smile.

    -Work on your hobby or explore your interests today. 


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