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    3/31/20  Hello Soaring Eagles!  I am thinking of you all and wishing you well.  Can you believe it is the end of March already?  How is March ending for you?  Does it feel like it is going out "like a lamb" or out "like a lion"?  Let me know how you are feeling - e-mail me any time at tkowalchick@cbsd.org

    I miss you!! 

    Ms. Kowalchick

    Stretch Your Body

    When we are home, not being able to do all the activities that we want to do can be frustrating.  It is also difficult to share space with everyone in the family who has to stay home, too.  Stretching your body can help you feel more relaxed.  It also helps give you a break from screen time.  Taking frequent stretch breaks when you are trying to do your academic work can actually help you be more focused and productive.

    Stretch your body today by practicing some yoga poses and stretches.  Or, stretch your legs and body in a way that is comfortable for you.  Taking a walk is a great way to stretch your muscles and clear your mind at the same time.  

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    Stretch Your Mind

    Stretch your mind today by practicing some of your mindfulness tools.  Just like learning other skills, mindfulness takes practice and review.  Try to spend a little time each day practicing.  Before you know it, the skills will become easy and automatic.  Enjoy!  Relax!  Take care of yourself!

    Check out Mind Yeti for Some Mindfulness Practice

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    Practice your skills with Go Noodle:

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