• mindfulness


    3/25/20 When times are difficult, are you able to find positive moments?  

    Mindfulness means to pay attention with a set purpose (examples:  with an attittude of self-awareness, openness, acceptance, gratitude, etc.) 

    Our minds are busy all of the time.  Sometimes our thoughts stray and our emotions are difficult to manage.  Using Mindfulness as a tool can help increase our positive emotions.  

    There are many benefits to using mindfulness as a tool.  It can help you feel empowered to try new things and take risks.  Mindfulness provides excellent calming strategies and can help you overcome anxiety and stressful feelings.  It also helps you take care of yourself.  Mindfulness focuses on positive self-talk and the appreciation of your strengths.

    Today, make yourself some tools to help develop Mindfulness as part of your daily routine.

    Make a Calming Glitter Jar!  You can use your Calming Glitter Jar to help you manage big emotions and soothe your anxious feelings. Using a calming jar is a quick and fun way to practice emotional self-care and mindfulness. It offers us a physical reminder to allow ourselves to pause, which can be useful in moments of stress.

    Why?  When you are feeling strong emotions like fear or anger, it is difficult to make good decisions or problem-solve.

    How it works?  Watching the glitter swirl in the jar or bottle gives your mind time to calm down, regain control and process your emotions.


                                              jar   Calming Glitter Jar Instructions   glitter

    *Ask your parents to help you select a plastice water bottle or mason jar with a lid

    *If you want the glitter to settle more slowly, add some clear glue first;  otherwise you can just use water

    *Add glitter to the water (use mostly fine glitter because the chunky glitter doesn't float as well)

    *Add a little bit of chunky glitter or confetti to add some extra flare

    *To make it more colorful, ask an adult to add 1-2 drops of food coloring (be careful not to make it too dark)

    *Decorate the lid/cap if you want a fancier jar


    Make a Calming Corner at Home

    Why?  It helps to have a designated space where you can keep your favorite calming tools.  

    How it works?  Having a space to go to gives you a change of scenery and a break from what is stressful. The time you spend interacting with your favorite tools will help refocus your energy from stressed to positive.

    *Find a quiet space that you can use for your Calming Corner (if you don't have space, you can always make a special box to hold your tools)

    *Put a comfortable pillow or a chair in the space (bean bag chairs work well!)

    *Decorate it with pictures of your favorites things or positive quotes

    *Put at least 5 different tools in your space

    Ideas for Tools You Can Include

    Thinking Putty     Play doh

    Squishies     Stress Ball

    Book     Journal

    Sketch Book

    Pencil      Crayons

    Glitter Jar

    Favorite Stuffed Animal


    Try a Simple 5-4-3-2-1 Mindfulness Strategy

    Find a comfortable position.  Use calm breathing. 

    Look around and notice the following:

    5 4 3 2 1