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     March 21, 2020

    World Down Syndrome Day 




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    3/23/20  Hello Soaring Eagles!  I hope you enjoyed your Friday "FUNDAY"!  During difficult times, it is very important to make sure you plan time to have fun and continue doing the activities that you enjoy.  This week, you should plan to include "P.D.F." in every day. 

    These are really simple concepts, but sometimes it is difficult to make sure that it happens.  

    P.D.F.:    P=Play time;  D=Down time; and F=Family time. 

    Play time: 

    This is your time to choose something fun to do! Use your imagination and be creative. This shouldn't be too hard to figure out. You know what you like to do.  

    Ideas:                 Build with Legos                        Build a Fort                 Play Basketball             

    Play with a Dollhouse             Play with Action Figures          Run Around

    DOWN TIME:This should be something you can do by yourself.  Find a quiet space and enjoy a break on you own. 

    Ideas:                   Read                Write in a Journal                          Draw           Arts & Crafts

    Sit or Walk Outside        Listen to Music                 Play with Play-Doh       Swing               Explore   


    This should be something the entire family can do together.   Enjoy doing something you typically don't have time enough to do.  

    Ideas:                   Play a Board Game          Bake or Cook Together          Play Charades         

    Play Minute to Win It             Walk, Run or Take a Bike Ride        Sit Down and Chat


    What do you THINK??  **To Share your great ideas to Add to the list click HERE



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    Tips for Families:  Play time, Down Time and Family time are a gift for your Family