3/19/20  Hello Soaring Eagles!  Your Distance Learning adventure is off to a busy start!  It is only Day 3 and you have already accomplished many assignments and challenges as you participated in the tasks provided by your teachers.  Your teachers are noticing so many strengths as you show your commitment to learning.  We are so proud of all our students’ effort, grit and collaboration.

    Today, I want to encourage you to pace yourself and make sure you plan time to pause, play and re-energize! As you keep up with all the new tasks for the day, you may feel a little overwhelmed.  If you do, simply remember to breathe!   

    Deep breathing and using calming breathing strategies are some of the best tools to help you stay calm and focused.  Remember to listen to your body’s signals.  When you start to have uncomfortable feelings, then it is time for a break.

    Set a goal to practice some breathing techniques today. 


    Belly Breathing                                                                                                          Belly Breathing

    1. Lie on your back with your legs flat on the floor. If you feel comfortable, you may close your eyes.  Place your arms by your side and feel your body relax. 

    2. Place a stuffed animal on your belly. When you breathe in, watch the stuffed animal move up.  When you breathe out, watch the stuffed animal gently fall back down.

    3. Find a rhythm with your breathing as you observe the stuffed animal rock up and down with each breath. 

    Click Here to view Sesame Street: Common and Colbie Caillat - "Belly Breathe" with Elmo


    Square Breathing

    1. Breathe in and count of four and then hold the breath for four counts.

    2. Then breathe out to a count of four and wait for a count of four before breathing again.

    3. Repeat this one more time.                                                                  

    4. This time you will draw a square in the air to keep you on track.      

    square breathing pic 2

    Click Here to Practice Square Breathing

     Rainbow Breathing                                                                                      rainbow image

    1. Close your eyes and sit in a comfortable position.           

    2. Imagine a beautiful vibrant rainbow.

    3. Breathe in gently through your nose and out through your mouth imagining the color red.

    4. Breathe in again through your nose and out through your mouth imagining the color orange.

    5. Repeat this process for every color of the rainbow until you have finished the entire rainbow.

    Click Here to Practice Rainbow Breathing



    Five Finger Breathing Visual

    Infinite Breathing Visual

    Anchor Breathing Visual

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