3/18/20  Hello Soaring Eagles!  I hope your distance learning routine has gotten off to a wonderful start!  I loved seeing all the pictures of your activities throughout the day.  I talked to many of your teachers and they are incredibly proud of all of the hard work you are putting into your learning.   What type of learning space did you set up for yourself?  

    The unexpected change in our routine and the need to have Distance Learning may have caused some stress for you or members of your family.  This is a normal reaction to a difficult situation.  Sometimes learning more about our feelings and making a plan for how to manage those feelings can make a big difference.  


    If you would like to learn more about stress, watch the following video:  What is Stress? -Youtube video


    What are your body's signals that you are feeling stressed?  How do you feel when you are stressed?  click


    One of the best strategies is to make a plan.  Can you make a plan to practice some of the strategies mentioned in the video?

    Sleep:  Stick to a schedule and plan time to rest

    Laugh:  Have fun with a friend; make up some jokes; watch a funny movie

    Get Musical:  Listen to calming music or play your favorite songs

    Ask for Help:  Reach out to people in your support system; talk to Mom and Dad; contact Ms. Kowalchick

    Relax:  Find some quiet time for yourself; read a book; write in a journal; do some breathing exercises 

    Stay Active:  Play and have fun outdoors;  have a dance party



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