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    Summer 2022 

    Hello 2nd Grader!   

              You are now a budding flower in the Michener Garden of Knowledge! I hope you are prepared to bloom this year! I am so excited to meet you and hear about your summer adventures! It won't be long until we start our school year!  I am looking forward to our time together as we grow and learn in the upcoming year.

               My family has spent a great deal of quality time together during the summer. My husband is also a teacher and is the race director for Steelman Racing. We held a number of events throughout the summer and have our big triathlon coming up in two weeks. My seventeen-year-old daughters, Emma and Lauren, are headed into their senior year at South and my sixteen-year daughter, Abby, will be entering her junior year at South. This summer we have done a great deal of swimming in our pool, reading, and exploring. We have also traveled over the summer. In the middle of July, we went on a cruise to the Bahamas with my sister and her family as well as my parents. It was a trip that we were supposed to take two years ago!   In August, we will visit several colleges in preparation of the girls applying by November 1st!  This summer has been so much fun! Our final days before school will be spent getting Emma, Lauren, and Abby ready for high school learning! I hope your summer was just as exciting! 

                 On the first day of school, please remember to have all your supplies (if you need the list, it is on the Doyle website and the second-grade website).  It is very important to label all your supplies with your name. Be sure to wear your smile and have your positive attitude as we begin our year together at Doyle on Monday, August 29, 2022.

                 We are going to have a fabulous year together!  As we shared at Fly Up Day, rocks and minerals, sound energy, economics, animal habitats, map skills, multiplication and problem solving are just a few of the wonderful topics you will learn about in second grade! Enjoy the rest of your summer!  Get ready for a fun-filled year!  I can't wait to see you and grow with you this year! 


     Warmly, Mrs. Michener