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Online Census Verification is a feature available in Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Each year, the Central Bucks School District asks our families to fill out a Census Verification Form.  This form ensures that student information is accurate. This year, we are asking that you complete your family’s Census Verification Form online by September 16, 2016.

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If you do not have a portal account, click
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Important things to know before you get started:
  • It can take 20 minutes to complete this form based upon your family size and number of non-household emergency contacts you enter for each student. Note: If you are unable to complete all the information at one time, you can Save and Continue and pick-up where you left off.

  • Most of the information will already be completed, but you must still review and Save/Continue after each tab to proceed.

  • A red asterisk (*) indicates a required field.  All asterisked fields must be completed under each tab to proceed to the next.

  • Once you have completed each tab, the tabs will be shown in GREEN and at the final screen there will be a Submit icon you must click to complete the verification.

  • Examples of the various tabs/screens can be found in the Online Census Verification Help Guide or viewed below.
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**Hover over the top right of the window below to use the Pop-Out option to view a larger version of the instructions. **Hover screen popout red down arrow