August 7, 2015

Dear Fourth Grader,

   Welcome to fourth grade! Can you believe that it’s August already? Don’t worry . . . you’ve still got several weeks off. I’m really excited that you are in our class. I’ve been working to set up our classroom and am looking forward to the time when we get to meet in person. I’ve also been planning some activities that I hope you will enjoy. Together, I hope we will make many interesting discoveries and have many outstanding experiences.
   I have been busy this summer with my family.  We have had many fun and exciting experiences this summer. We took two trips, one to Sea Isle City, New Jersey, and one to Sharbot Lake, Canada. I just arrived back from Canada recently and we went to the shore in July.  My kids loved water skiing in Canada, swimming, listening to music, playing games, reading, and hanging out together. Mrs. Sidelinker loved reading as she sat by the peaceful lake in Canada. I enjoyed everything!
   Now that I have shared some of my summer memories, I would like you to think about some of your summer memories, so that we can share them at the beginning of school. Another thing I’d like you to do before school starts is to read your third grade report card and, if you can find it, your portfolio conference form. Take time to think about the things you do well as a student. This is very important. One way to build confidence is to think about the things you do well. As I’ve been studying the information collected by your past teachers, I have found that everyone in our class has some strengths as a student.
I am really excited to start my sixth year at Warwick! Our room is located in the best spot in the building, close to the playground! Just look for the smiley face flag toward the back door. Warwick will have an “open-house” at 11:00 on Friday, August 28, if you want to stop by.
If you follow the four Warwick Bear behaviors, you’re sure to make fourth grade a special year! School starts on August 31 this year. On that day, our journey together will begin. I am looking forward to a great year with you! See you soon!


Mr. Sidelinker


Parents: Please email me at bsidelin@cbsd.org so that I can add your email address to my contact list. A fourth grade supply list can be found below. Thank you!

Supply List

It would be greatly appreciated if your child could bring the following supplies in on either the first day of school or, if it’s easier, to our Open House on August 28th.

· Colored pencils

· 2 Marble Composition Books (Different colors, if possible)

· 5 Folders (Different colors, if possible. No binders please)

· 24 sharpened #2 Ticonderoga brand pencils, with erasers

· 2 glue sticks

· A highlighter

· Ruler

· 1 clean white sock or Expo marker eraser with child’s name written

· 1or 2 Expo dry erase chisel tip markers (possibly, assorted colors)

· 2 boxes of tissues

· Bound sketch book for art

· $5.00 in an envelope with child’s name for a yearlong subscription to National Geographic Kids

· Please bring earphones to use in the computer lab. Please put earphones in a plastic baggie with child’s name

· 1 container of Clorox/Lysol type wipes would be greatly appreciated, if possible.

* Please do not have kids bring in individual pencil sharpeners.

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