Kindergarten Name Tag Directions

Name Tag Directions- You will receive your name tag at Open House.  If you are not able to attend Open House, please stop by the office to pick one up prior to the start of school. 


*Please have mom or dad print your first and last name and your bus number on the name tag.

*Please find out your bus number and bus stop, and have mom or dad write that on the name tag. (There is a link to that information on the Central Bucks School District Home Page. Look on the right hand side and click on “Transportation.”)

*Finally, please have your mom or dad write my name, Kindergarten, and room 12 on your name tag.


If you will be attending an after school program at another school please include that information and the days you will attend on your name tag. In addition, your mom and dad will need to send in a signed note the first day of school giving permission for you to be dismissed to the care of that specific school. Thank you for your attention to this important safety measure.


Please wear your name tag to school on the first day and continue to wear it for the first week.

Thank you for your help, and I cannot wait to see you! Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Name Tag Directions.docx, 12.40 KB; (Last Modified on June 19, 2017)